Backyard Summer Toys


Some of my favourite Summer memories are of playing outside in the backyard. Now that I have a child of my own, we love to spend my days off from the store having playtime with my son – enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. We spend a lot of time in our yard so it’s important to me that’s it’s a fun place for the whole family.

I’m definitely lucky to have a wealth of items at Springy’s to choose from to make backyard play fun but I wanted to share a few items that that I’ve found make our time especially enjoyable and that we use often:

Toy Nanny

We have some favourite toys that can’t stay outside but my son just loves them so we tote them in and out each day for him to play with. The Toy Nanny makes it super easy to scoop them up and take them wherever we want. You can use this awesome scooper-upper in the yard, camping or even in the living room as a quick way to clean up when company arrives unannounced!

Whether you have a small yard or a big yard a fabric tunnel like the Melissa & Doug Bella Butterfly Tunnel will help your wee one enjoy a bit of adventure right at home. It sets up quickly and folds for convenience. This is a lovely touch to backyard play!

It is honestly just too adorable to watch my little guy pretending to talk on the phone, cook in his little Kid Kraft Kitchen but it is especially adorable when he imitates Daddy mowing the lawn. A classic backyard toy, this Melissa & Doug Toot Turtle Lawn Mower, really empowers my guy to feel like he’s doing a big job. It has storage under its shell, its own gas can and it even makes a motor sound when its cord is pulled!

One of my absolute favourite Summer memories is playing in the sprinkler. Memories of hot Summer days, laugher, screaming with joy and the silly antics we’d perform with the cool refreshing water from the hose! Now, I simply adore watching my son scamper in and out of the spray that comes from this super cute Melissa & Doug Summer Sprinkler. It reminds me of my childhood except this is so much more cute and fun!…