Announce Your Springy’s Baby!

Do you have a Springy’s Baby? Announce your baby’s birth on Facebook by customizing a Springy’s Birth Announcement using our new app!

Why did we create this fun new app? Because we want to celebrate with you and we love to see your babies! We get to know you so well during your pregnancy as we help you plan your nursery, select your stroller, car seat and accessories, that we get excited for your baby’s arrival right along with you. For generations families have been sharing their lives with us and we thought this would be a great way to show you how much we love you!

Parents come into the store all the time and tell us that their parents, and their grandparents before them, bought their strollers and cribs at Springy’s. We are thrilled that you continue to include us in your family’s journey and we hope you’ll let the world know that your baby is a Springy’s baby!

Make your Springy’s Birth Announcement here. It’s super quick and easy. Just click the “upload your picture” button and fill in your baby’s name, birthdate and weight… then upload your announcement and PRESTO! You have a custom Springy’s Birth Announcement on your Facebook page. We hope you have fun with it and we thank you for letting us be a part of your new parenting journey.