Shop Talk: What is the Springy’s Seal of Approval?


Welcome to Shop Talk, a Springy’s blog segment where we’ll be exploring our mechanically inclined roots by discussing the nuts and bolts of product quality. In 1957, Springy’s was founded by a couple of local guys with an unwavering sense of loyalty for providing quality for their customers. 55 years later, we still only retail strollers, furniture, toys and car seats that we can proudly associate with our seal of approval – And we think that’s something to celebrate!

For those of you may not know me, I’m Ellery Hough, Springy’s co-owner and mechanical enthusiast. That means that I care most about testing and evaluating the strength, durability and quality of the products we carry so that our customers enjoy their purchases from us for years to come. Here’s what I’ll be blogging about in Shop Talk:

In the Shop, Knowledge Is Power
In some of my blog posts, I’ll talk about how you can learn a few ways to spot good quality gear for your family. I’m a pretty young guy, but I’d argue that I’ve been doing this for a long time. In fact, I started working at Springy’s as a mechanic for tot gear with wheels when I was a teenager. With all this experience, I can spot a quality stroller wheel that is suitable for off-roading in the snow a mile away. I instruct our team on the finer points of pinpointing the marks of quality in our products and also how to recognize when a product doesn’t mean our in-store standards. This means that when you come in to Springy’s to shop for a big ticket item for your family, we’re ready to share what we know about the inner workings of our products, so that you can make an informed decision – and when it comes to purchasing important gear for your new family, knowledge is power.

In the Shop, We Can Fix It
Sometimes, tot gear can experience wear and tear. But, that shouldn’t mean you need to toss it! When it comes to anything with wheels like strollers, wagons or tricycles, we at Springy’s are a knowledgeable team that offers a hands-on approach to fixing and repairing. Even if it’s not originally from our store, you can bring your wee one’s wheels in to our Barton Street location shop for a tune-up! My brother Anthony has been the shop mechanic at Springy’s for 25 years and his passion for it shows (you’ll know what I mean if you’ve ever met him;)

Other times, tot gear requires “some assembly.” We’re here to help with services like nursery set up and delivery. In Shop Talk, we’ll cover some tips for taking good care of your family’s gear, and discuss some common sticklers when trying to assemble new items for your kids that are important at so many stages of parenthood.

In the Shop, We’ll Test The Goods
Over the years, Springy’s has grown from a single store on Barton Street, to an additional store location on Upper James. While we’ve grown in size, we’ve kept with our passion for providing the highest quality products and excellent customer service. When new products come on to the market, we’ll be first in line to test their mechanical parts to see if they can be given the Springy’s Seal of Approval on our blog.…

Journey of a Lifetime


Since opening our doors of the first store on Barton Street in 1957, Springy’s has been a local name synonymous with quality family gear and neighbourly service. From our beginnings as a sporting goods and bicycle store, to our current reputable name as “THE” place for new parents to find the best products to suit their lifestyle, we’ve always known that our success is in part of our supportive community.

Today, our community extends beyond Barton Street, and even further than our Tot Shoppe location on Upper James. And we’ve even helped young families across the country by connecting online!

55 years into the game, we still want to be known as the only locally owned children’s store that goes above and beyond for our customers by catering to your lifestyle with on-site repairs and tune-ups for strollers, ride-on toys and bikes. We still provide free car seat installation and local nursery set up. We also ship for free across Canada! We’ve differentiated ourselves from other stores in the market with our generous loyalty points program and a gift registry.

Thank you to all the families we’ve helped over the years on their journey of a lifetime:

Thank you to the expecting parents who look to us to secure their car seat before their little one arrives. Thanks to the mom of four who brought her stroller in for a last tune up before it’s last round of strolls to the park. Thanks to the grandparents who’ll be surprising their grandkids with wooden blocks and tricycles under the tree this holiday season. And thanks to our loyal team who come in with a smile everyday, are excited to learn and share this knowledge with our wonderful customers.…

Backyard Summer Toys


Some of my favourite Summer memories are of playing outside in the backyard. Now that I have a child of my own, we love to spend my days off from the store having playtime with my son – enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. We spend a lot of time in our yard so it’s important to me that’s it’s a fun place for the whole family.

I’m definitely lucky to have a wealth of items at Springy’s to choose from to make backyard play fun but I wanted to share a few items that that I’ve found make our time especially enjoyable and that we use often:

Toy Nanny

We have some favourite toys that can’t stay outside but my son just loves them so we tote them in and out each day for him to play with. The Toy Nanny makes it super easy to scoop them up and take them wherever we want. You can use this awesome scooper-upper in the yard, camping or even in the living room as a quick way to clean up when company arrives unannounced!

Whether you have a small yard or a big yard a fabric tunnel like the Melissa & Doug Bella Butterfly Tunnel will help your wee one enjoy a bit of adventure right at home. It sets up quickly and folds for convenience. This is a lovely touch to backyard play!

It is honestly just too adorable to watch my little guy pretending to talk on the phone, cook in his little Kid Kraft Kitchen but it is especially adorable when he imitates Daddy mowing the lawn. A classic backyard toy, this Melissa & Doug Toot Turtle Lawn Mower, really empowers my guy to feel like he’s doing a big job. It has storage under its shell, its own gas can and it even makes a motor sound when its cord is pulled!

One of my absolute favourite Summer memories is playing in the sprinkler. Memories of hot Summer days, laugher, screaming with joy and the silly antics we’d perform with the cool refreshing water from the hose! Now, I simply adore watching my son scamper in and out of the spray that comes from this super cute Melissa & Doug Summer Sprinkler. It reminds me of my childhood except this is so much more cute and fun!…

Backyard Swing Sets and Sand Boxes


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love my backyard. It’s a tremendous balancing act being a parent and a business owner and building in quality family time is extremely important to me. My backyard provides us with an oasis that we can retreat to at the end of busy days and spend weekends with friends. In addition to my favourite summer toys that we carry here at Springy’s Tot Shoppe I have some big backyard items  and kids furniture basics to make our yard child friendly, fun for my little guy and his friends, but super practical for us.

The Summer has barely started but we’ve already started making memories with these:

This KidKraft Outdoor Table & Chair Set is just the right size for our little guy and his friends. It’s the perfect place to set him up with colouring pages or crafts and the umbrella keeps the sun from blazing down on him. We like to entertain a lot so it’s also great to have a place for the kids to sit and eat – they love that they have a space that looks just like the big people!

Ok, sandboxes are pretty cool for backyard Summer fun. Kids can dig, build and imagine for hours. Our little guys loves to bring out his cars and trucks and make little construction sites. It’s the best thing to watch him and listen to the fantastic things he dreams up. The KidKraft Sandbox has a built in canopy so he’s safe from the UV rays of the sun while he plays. The other great thing about it is that it comes with a mesh cover that protects it from bad weather.

There is seriously nothing better than the little giggles I hear when I push my son on our Kettler Swing Set. This is truly my favourite piece of backyard furniture for my child. He has grown with it from the baby swing seat and is now using the board swing. The fact that the seats are interchangeable makes it a great long term investment. Kettler products are high quality, German made and are guaranteed to NEVER rust or fade. This swing also comes complete with safety anchors that detach so if we ever move we can just unhook it and move on… not that we plan to!…