Tips for Proper Lawn Care


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You know a lawn is healthy when you just set your eyes on it. If you want to get a perfect lawn you need to may have to change a lot of things including its design as well as take good care of it. You have to be the grass and understand what it needs in order to get a pretty and healthy lawn. Basically, ensure that your grass gets enough water, sun, fertilizer and proper care. Most importantly is that you need to get a professional lawn care Calgary se has to offer if you want your grass to remain healthy.


Types of grass

Lawns have various types of grasses; some have fine textures while others have grass that feels like Astroturf. There are various types of grasses available in the market and the good news is that others are developing each year. With all the varieties available, climate plays an important role when choosing the right type of grass for your lawn. Other factors that ought to be put into consideration include amount of sun or shade needed by the grass, availability of water and amount of foot traffic on the grass.

Some grass types are only suitable for warm seasons while others for cold seasons. Warm season grass normally goes dormant during cold months and vice versa. Some popular warm grass types include Zoysia, Bahia, Bermuda, Centipede and St. Augustine. Grass that grows best in cold seasons includes Bentgrass, Ryegrass, Bluegrass, Fine fescues and Tall fescues. Choose the right grass type for your lawn to maintain healthy grass and keep your lawn neat.


Tips for the perfect lawn

  • Prevent weeds before they grow

You can use pre-emergent herbicides to prevent weeds from even germinating rather than waiting for them to sprout. The product prevents growth of crabgrass which is dreaded by most lawn owners. Make sure you use the product early during spring. Eliminate broad leaf weeds after they sprout. They are bright yellow. You can do that by plucking them or applying granular weed control products.


  • Mow frequently and keep mower blades sharp

Most people think that mowing their lawns short saves their time. On the contrary, it ends up damaging grass in the long run and gives weeds room to sprout. Always ensure you mow high for healthier grass. The other important thing is to keep your mower blades sharp. A blunt blade tears grass and results in ragged edges that make your lawn appear grayish brown. Sharpen your blades or replace them once they become blunt.


  • Water your lawn in the morning

The best time for watering grass is early in the morning. Avoid watering at night because it keeps grass moist for a long time and might cause diseases. Soak the lawn to ensure that moisture in the soil goes down several inches. If you water in the morning then the sun helps in drying the grass.


  • Feed your lawn

Lawns like feeding on nitrogen; thus, feed them with that. Look for the appropriate fertilizers that will grow your grass quickly as well as feed them lover a long time. Avoid feeding dormant grass since it does not take in nutrients.…